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Akshay Kingar
Shubhendu Singh

Founded : 2011

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Who are we?

We are foOfys! There is a need, a reason behind everything each one of us do. Based out of Bengaluru, foOfys was born out of a need to make a difference. We are a tech startup with a small but passionate team with an aim to develop top class software products for the enterprises and the masses. We also work across verticals to provide a wide range of software and marketing services to make your business a success.

How we do it?

We collaborate with you , understand your requirements, hurdles and then tailor a superior technical solution and thus help you achieve your dream.

What we do?

We are a products and services company. Below are some of the products developed by us.
Products Developed:
1.FoofysApp - A search app, was SiliconIndia 2012 Winner for best mobile app
2. Tabify -
3. Weekly
4. MyShelf

Solutions offered:
#Web services: We all know the criticality of a website.But how do you stand out admist all the crowd on the web? We at foOfys believe in developing delightfully designed and responsive websites and web apps across platforms which will have your product at the heart. Connect, share and spread your brand value with the help of websites and web apps developed from the best of technology available out there.

#Mobile Apps: Let your customer tap,swipe and more as you enhance your customer service and revenue. foOfys gives the human touch to your business. (Pun Intended) Connect like never before with your customers and enhance brand loyalty with mobile apps which are not just easy on the eyes but also amazingly user friendly and personalized . We offer both customer and enterprise apps for mobiles and tablets.

#Ecommerce: Ecommerce is here to stay. How well you ride on that wave will depend upon your product and the uniqueness of your website. But how do you do it? Go for a platform solution where you will end up being a part of the herd or get your own website with features,design, scalability, enhancement defined by YOU! After all, it's your business!Get onboard foOfys and stand out, attract and start selling on your own custom developed eCommerce portal.

#Branding: What good is a relationship if you remember her/his touch,kiss and voice but not her/his name? Branding gives your business a recall value and a trust factor which is invaluable for your business. You and your product will either slide up or down depending on your brand value. foOfys helps you step up with highly creative brand building solutions designed for your business and with your customer base in mind. We carve a personality for your business!

#Social media: Ok after helping you out with web,mobile and branding how could you think we will not be there to assist you with marketing? foOfys offers innovative online marketing strategies for your business . Spread the word about your product or service, connect with the masses, explore new revenue models, increase repeat customers,take feedback or take a stand. Get more love, become a darling :)

#Content: The pen is mightier than the sword still holds true. It all drills down to the content. The words you use is what people read when they open your website,app,presentations or social media page. Content is much more than words, it includes images,videos and more. foOfys helps you convey your work,passion and vision aptly to your customers.

Why us?

The journey which started with the development of one of the coolest mobile apps way back in 2011 has led us to this place where-in we are producing much more amazingly cool products and services. This could not have been possible without the team. A crazily creative design team, an ever adrenaline pumped development team and energized bunnies of marketing and sales team, we are set out to make a difference and make amazing things happen!

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Products :

1.FoofysApp -SiliconIndia 2012 Winner for best mobile app
2. Tabify -
3. Weekly
4. MyShelf

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