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Dharmesh Doshi and Mehul Vora

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A little bit about myself first. I am a commerce graduate from Mumbai. In late 90s I learned computer and was inclined towards IT Industry. I started my career as a trainee with IBM India. The journey started and a rare case in IT Industry I continued with IBM India for 12 years! I quit IBM and started my own IT Company - "Solution Planets" with a friend, Mehul Vora.

Both of us are strict vegetarians. A year back an incident happened when we read an article about Animal Testing and use of animal based ingredients in FMCG and daily use products. So we realized that vegetarianism just doesn't stops at eating vegetarian food, what products we use and whether they are cruelty free also matters a lot. We also realized the real definiteion of Ahimsa. It is not only about not killing or hurting someone, it is about eating vegetarian, using vegetarian and cruelty free products and one aspect which almost everyone not considering is Ahimsa towards the environment. So for us complete vegetarian means eating vegetarian food, using vegetarian and cruelty free products and taking utmost care of mother nature. Based on this we decided to find alternative options. Unfortunately in India we don't have any dedicated Vegetarian Super Market. We searched online and found very limited options, that too only in some organic or ayurvedic products based portals. When we did some further research, we found that Organic or Ayurvedic doesn't mean 100% vegetarian! So again our search started and what we found is that there any many products and brands scattered all across the country catering to limited geography means ease in availability is a bigger question mark. We started with a simple bath soap and when we get in to the subject we were shocked by finding the fact that our shampoo, conditioner, detergent, tooth paste and almost all the products we use on day to day basis can have animal derived ingredient. When we read and saw some videos of animal testing, that has changed the entire criteria of looking at things. We understood that it is not just vegetarianism, what we ignore almost every time is the cruelty in the form of animal testing. So, now our criteria was not just non-animal origin derived products, it should be cruelty free also.

This clicks an idea. This is was not about any religion or belief it is about the humanity and compassion. We thought that the way we struggled to find an alternative products, there must be many people like us. So it gave the birth to our idea of starting a complete Vegetarian Shop in India! We also thought of starting it as a non profit making NGO kind of venture, but than when we do the due diligence, we found that every concept require a commercial backup to last it long and we want our concept to serve the community forever. So we finally decided to start as a venture with the objective of promoting vegetarianism in true sense. It started a big process of all sort of due diligence and feasibility study, market research, product research, etc. We were open to the idea of Retail and Online. We met many like minded people and a group of vegetarian from a closed circle shown interest and faith in our idea. We gave them our core objective of promoting vegetarianism beyond food and providing vegetarian shopping experience to the community. We had rounds of discussion with business plan, proposals, investments, etc and finally we decided to come up with Vegetarian Shop with this group. The final decision was to come up with a dedicated vegetarian online store, a retail show place in Mumbai and an option to sell by accepting orders on Telephone also! The basic idea was to cover the online shoppers, housewives and generation next all together and give them a wonderful vegetarian shopping experience.

We started setting up the team, further research and formalities and the dream came true! We have launched our portal and retail showcase on 25th August, 2013! Our Call n Order no is 022-25600400 which is operational along with the site launch. Our range of products now includes cosmetics, personal care, home care, baby care, washing care, apparels, stationery, jewellery, non leather footwear and accessories and much more!

We are very happy and confident that this venture will bring new dimension to the definition of vegetarianism. We are providing delivery across India and thus enabling the vegetarians in tier 2 and 3 cities where availability of the vegetarian products are limited. We have our own logistics for Mumbai to bring faster and effective delivery and increased customer satisfaction. We are also going to come up with 100% Vegetarian Monthly Kits consist of Household Products.

I am feeling a sense of satisfaction at the age of 36 and happy to be a core player in this startup!

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Our range of products now includes cosmetics, personal care, home care, baby care, washing care, apparels, stationery, jewellery, non leather footwear and accessories and much more!

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Funded by like minded friends

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